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The company is managed by professionals having technical expertise, vast experience and an ability to satisfy customer needs. Our consistent performance over the last decade has taken the company on growth trajectory enabling us to gather a large and loyal clientele base. We remain steadfast in our commitment to quality and timely delivery.

Our accurate understanding of client requirements has led to recommendations by our existing clients to their associates, who in turn joined our clientele.

Unik Batteries is committed to offering world class technology in its products and services.

We are a team of battery professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in the battery industry dedicated to finding you Battery Solutions.

Our philosophy of personal service, hands on management, and attention to detail has flourished with two generations contributing to our growth. Our team combines knowledge, experience, reliability and passion which finally results in the quality of our products and services. We believe in enhancing customer relationship by exceeding customer requirements.

Our company size helps provide flexibility and speed in all situations. This enables us to propose specific battery solutions for specific customer needs. Our compact team enables us to make quick and appropriate decisions for each customer for whom we provide a one to one partnership. To strengthen our clients’ market position, we support a flexible production schedule resulting in a short delivery time.


We strongly believe that infrastructure can drive an organization ahead on its way to customer delight in an unhindered manner. Hence our available resources are periodically reviewed and necessary action taken with regard to further investments.

Our commitment or quality demands that we invest in world class measuring equipments and our financial strength and capability enables us to do so in the interest of customer satisfaction.


With clients worldwide, UNIK Batteries offers the highest quality technical support services to augment the expansive array of products by Unik Batteries.
UNIK’s technical support program encompasses:

– Audio Visual training at customers premises.

– Live demonstration and hands on training on various aspects of battery maintenance at UNIK’s factory.

– Powerpoint presentations and sample display at UNIK’s training facility.

Health and Safety

Before commencing installation, repair or inspection of a battery, the person doing the work should remove all metallic objects such as rings, wrist watches, neck and wrist chains etc. Wear protective clothing – rubber gloves and apron as well as full eye protection using goggles or visor. Whenever connection or disconnection of batteries or cells is being undertaken, only insulated tools should be used.

Work on batteries should be done with the battery isolated whenever practical, no matter how low the system voltage. This precaution is of particular importance where batteries have a high stored energy. Please do go through the O&M manual provided along with the battery supply for detailed instructions and comply with the same.

Product Guarantee

We hereby certify that the materials used and the method of manufacture employed in the production of “UNIK” batteries is in accordance with the best current trade practices. We further confirm that strict quality control is exercised at each stage of manufacture.

We hereby guarantee the specified battery for a period as specified in the invoice, against all manufacturing defects subject to maintenance of the batteries as per our requirements.

In case of any manufacturing defect/s arising in the battery during the period of guarantee, we agree to repair or replace the battery/cells at our option, free of cost, on receipt of the battery at our works, on freight paid basis.


For any kind of query, contact us with the details below.

  • Mr. Ramesh Natrajan
  • +91 - 9822034407
  • info@tractionbatteries.in
  • Unik Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    Pune - Maharashtra (India.) - 411026

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